Create 3D decoupage crafts with Crafting Direct

You’ll find there are lots of different crafting techniques for you to try out and one of the most popular is decoupage. Decoupage craft is a really simple yet effective crafting technique that uses layers of decoupage paper or card to create a raised up 3D effect. It is especially effective when used on homemade cards and you’ll often see it around even if you didn’t realise. At Crafting Direct we have everything you need for decoupage craft, whether you’re a beginner and need decoupage packs or a pro and need decoupage supplies, while we also have lots of decoupage ideas with our crafting resources. So get crafty now with decoupage at Crafting Direct!

Get decoupage packs, supplies and ideas now at Crafting Direct

Decoupage packs
Decoupage packs

Fun and easy to do

If you’re need to the 3D decoupage crafting technique then why not buy one of our many decoupage packs? They come with all the decoupage supplies you’ll need to make the pack, as well as easy to follow instructions that make it so easy for craft beginners. We have different themes of decoupage packs including flowers, animals, teddies and more.

Decoupage supplies
Decoupage supplies

Everything you need

People who have done decoupage before will find we have plenty of decoupage supplies so you can create your very own decoupage craft like 3D cards and scrap booking. Create a card using 3D decoupage for someone special and they’ll love your homemade card. Our decoupage supplies include embellishments like flowers and decoupage paper.

3D decoupage
3D decoupage

An effective technique

You might not realise what decoupage craft actually is, but you’ll have seen it many times! This crafting technique uses layer of decoupage paper or card placed on top of each other to create a 3D decoupage effect that is especially popular on homemade cards. Decoupage is an easy crafting technique to learn and is so easy to so even as a beginner.

Decoupage ideas
Decoupage ideas

Lots of craft inspiration

Whether you’re new to decoupage or a seasoned crafter, you’ll always be looking for new decoupage ideas to test out and we have a fantastic collection of crafting resources and fun craft ideas. You’ll find lots of crafting books, CDs and DVDs that include decoupage ideas. You’ll even discover that our decoupage packs and supplies will give you lots of fun craft ideas.

3D decoupage is a fun and easy crafting technique

There are so many different crafting techniques but decoupage is one of the most popular because it’s so easy to learn, has plenty of ideas and makes such professional looking homemade crafts.

With decoupage packs at Crafting Direct you can quickly and easily make decoupage crafts without worrying about having the right craft materials and the knowledge.

As you practice more you’ll find that this crafting technique is so easy to pick up and you may want to buy your own decoupage supplies and find decoupage ideas among our crafting resources to make your own individual and personalised decoupage crafts.

Get lots of decoupage ideas with our crafting resources

At Crafting Direct we’re always giving you lots of fun craft ideas to get you started and give you more crafting ideas.

We have plenty of decoupage ideas for you to create your very own individual crafts that you can personalise and be proud of. With the decoupage crafting technique you’ll find a great collection of supplies and packs that will give you so many different ideas to create decoupage crafts.

Take a look at our crafting resources like books, CDs and DVDs as well for all the fun craft ideas you need.