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Please click on a topic from the list below - the help for that topic will then appear on the right-hand side of the page.

Searching for an item

The search facility can be found at the top of every page of the site, and allows you to search for an item using a keyword or item number.

An item number is 7 digits long (e.g. AB123 CD) and can be found when you are looking at an item on the website,in the catalogue or in a leaflet or advert. Simply type the number into the search box and click go. A page showing all the details of your item should be displayed. If you are told your item number is incorrect, check that you have typed in all 7 digits correctly, and that you have not substituted the letter I for the number 1, or the letter O for the number 0. If you still cannot find the item, you could try a keyword search instead.

When searching for items using keywords, use words which are likely to be in the name or description of the item.

If you choose Advanced Search, you can also enter the colour, price range or size you are interested in, although the more search criteria you enter, the fewer search results will be returned.

If your search finds some appropriate items their pictures will be displayed for you to browse through. You can see a bigger version of each picture by holding your mouse over it. The number of items in the list will be shown in the top left corner of the page and you can scroll through the pages in the list using the arrow buttons in that corner. When you find an item you like, click on it for more details.

The keyword search only searches for items. It will not find:

1. Account numbers (Instead, go to 'sign in' to access your account)

2. Information within the site, such as 'Delivery policy' (You may instead find what you are looking for in 'Terms & Conditions' at the bottom of each page)

Other websites (a full list of our sister websites can be found here)

Using the Quick Order Form

The Quick Order Form is the best facility to use if you have a shopping list of item numbers that you want to order. Simply go to the form (using the link at the top of every page), enter up to 9 item numbers in the boxes provided, then click 'Continue'. The items you have requested will be displayed in a list.

Select the size, colour and quantities that you want for each item. If you have changed your mind about an item, remove the tick from the box to the right of the item by clicking in the box and this item will not be included in your order. When you are happy with your selections, click on one of the 'Add to Bag' buttons at the bottom of the page. For your convenience, we have provided the option of going straight to checkout (click 'Add to Bag and Go to Checkout'), or you may wish to browse or search for more items (click 'Add to Bag and Continue Shopping').

You will be informed if any of your items are out of stock or will take longer than normal to be delivered, and will be given the chance to remove these items from your order.

Before completing the Quick Order Form, you may also be shown several items which we think complement those you have already ordered.

Browsing through our ranges

All of the items in the current catalogue, plus many more, can be seen by browsing through the categories near the top of each page. Keep selecting the category or sub-category that interests you most until you reach a page which displays pictures of the first 15 items in your chosen category.

You can see a bigger version of each picture by holding your mouse over it. The number of items in the list will be shown in the top left corner of the page and you can scroll through the pages in the list using the arrow buttons in that corner. When you find an item you like, click on it for more details.

Adding items to your bag

When you are happy with your selections, click on the "Add to Bag" button. You should be informed if the item is out of stock or will take longer than normal to be delivered. If an extended warranty is available on the item, you will be provided with details of this warranty and can add it to your bag if you wish. Once you have added all the products you want to order, select the 'Go to Checkout' button, which will take you to the shopping bag page where you can continue to checkout.

If you wish to amend your order, the shopping bag page allows you to view or remove individual items, change the quantity ordering or move items to your wish list. Once you are happy with the items in your bag select the 'Continue to Checkout' button. Once you have selected your delivery address, delivery option and payment option, you are ready to place your order. You do this by clicking on the 'Place your order' button at the bottom of the Confirm Order page (This comes after the Payment Option page). You should only press this button once even though it may take some time for the confirmation screen to appear.

You should receive an email confirming your order within 24 hours (although it may take longer than this if the email is delayed in some way by your email provider).

Occasionally, when our website, or the internet in general, is very busy, the confirmation screen may not appear and instead the screen will display a 'timed out' message. It is still likely that your order has been successfully submitted in these circumstances, and you should not place the order again. If you do not receive an email confirming your order within 48 hours, please contact us to check that the order has been placed.

All orders are subject to our acceptance. When you submit an order via our website you will immediately receive a confirmatory e-mail as an acknowledgement of your order. This e-mail does not constitute acceptance of the order by us. Acceptance of your order and the formation of the contract between you and us will take place when we despatch the goods to you.

Using an account that was set up by phone/post

Many visitors to this website have requested a catalogue or ordered from J D Williams before by phone or post. If you are one such visitor, then you will already have a J D Williams account that you can use on this website. We only require a few additional details from you during your first visit to set your account up for online access. To provide these details, click the 'sign in' link at the top of any page, and then select Option 1 registration. You will be asked for your account number, surname and postcode so that we can be sure we find the correct account. Then we will ask you for a password and email address which are essential for shopping online.

You only need to register your account in this way once. On all future visits, you can sign in using Option 2 by providing your account number and password.

Registering for a new account

If you are new to shopping with J D Williams, then you will need to set up an account with us. You can use this account each time you place an order, which will mean you only ever have to enter your details once, and you can view a history of your transactions with us. Most account holders choose to set up a 'credit account' when they register. This account allows you to order goods and view them at home for 14 days before paying for them. Please note, we do reserve the right to refuse credit - if this is the case, you will be asked to provide credit or debit card details when you get to the checkout. For more details of our credit account facility, see the Personal Account section on the main Help page.

The registration process asks you to first enter your address, which must be a valid address according to the Post Office files. Occasionally the system has trouble recognising new addresses or business addresses. We also regret that the website cannot register BFPO addresses. If you have difficulty at this point in registering please do not hesitate to contact us so that a Customer Service advisor can set up the account for you.

After entering your address, you will be asked for details such as your name, date of birth and email address. At this point, you will also enter a password which will allow you to quickly sign in to the website on future visits.

You should read the Terms & Conditions of the account before clicking 'Accept' or 'Decline' to indicate whether you are happy to continue setting up a credit account. If you would prefer not to have a credit account as you are happy to pay in full by credit or debit card at the time of each order, then you should click decline at this point in the process. You will then be offered the opportunity to set up a non-credit account.

For both types of account, you will be sent two separate emails confirming your account number and password.

Signing In

Once you have registered on the website, you can sign in to the site at any time using your email address or account number, along with your password. You need to sign in, in order to place an order or access the "My Account" area.

You can also select the "Remember Me" tick box which will sign in automatically when you return, to enable you to place orders quickly against your registered address. You will still need to provide your password to access your account details. We do not recommend using this option if you share a PC.

Remember Me/ Automatic Sign-In

When you register an account on the website or when you are signing in, you are given the opportunity to select the 'remember me' option. This means that we will place a cookie (a small document) on your computer, which will allow us to automatically recognise you when you next return to this website. You will then be able to use some parts of the site without having to enter your account number and password. For example, you will be able to place an order as long as you want to send it to your registered address by standard delivery and pay for it on customer account. You cannot, however, access "My Account" or send orders to other addresses unless you sign in using your password.

We have provided this service to make ordering as smooth and fast as possible for our regular customers. However, if you do not wish to be automatically signed in, you can choose not to select this option when you register / sign-in or delete the cookie that was created when you registered (please see your browser help for details on how to do this)

Changing delivery options

During Checkout, you can decide to send your order to your Billing Address or choose a saved address listed from your Address Book by selecting the 'Deliver Here' button. You can also enter a new delivery address by selecting the 'Add New Delivery Address' option. This address will be added to your Address Book and will be available for your future visits.

On the Delivery Options page, the delivery option for your order is automatically set so that your order is delivered to you as soon as possible. You can however, change the delivery options using the radio buttons available on the left hand side. Please see our delivery policy for details of when you can expect delivery and delivery charges.

Choosing how to pay

If you have a credit account, this payment method will be selected when you first arrive on the 'Pay and Complete' page. You should ensure that your order will not exceed your available credit, as we may cancel such orders. To discuss extending your credit limit, please call 0871 231 2000 (Calls cost 10p per minute plus network extras) email us.

Credit account customers are still free to pay for an order by credit or debit card if they wish (for example, if they want to place an order for an amount higher than their credit limit).

If you do not have a credit account, the 'Credit or Debit card' option will be selected on the 'Pay & Complete' page.

To pay for your order by credit or debit card, select the 'Credit or Debit Card' option to enter your card details. You will also have the option to save the card for future use - be assured that these details are stored securely and your full card number will never be displayed on the screen or in any email from us. If you already have any saved cards, these will be displayed on selecting the 'Credit or Debit Card' option. You can select the saved card to pay for your order by choosing the corresponding 'Use this Card' button. New cards can be added by selecting the 'Add New Card' button.

Completing your order

Once you are happy with the items in your bag, and your delivery and payment options, you are ready to submit your order. You do this by clicking on the 'Place Your Order' button on the last page of the Checkout process. You should only press this button once even though it may take some time for the confirmation screen to appear.

You should receive an email confirming your order within 24 hours (although it may take longer than this if the email is delayed in some way by your email provider).

Delivery of your order

Please see our delivery policy for details of expected delivery times. If you have not received your order by the expected date, please contact us with details of your account number, the date you placed your order, and the items ordered.

Returning unwanted items

If you live in an area covered by our courier service, your courier will be happy to collect most items. Otherwise, you can return goods to us by post, provided you obtain a Certificate of Posting. Please see our Returns policy for further details on how to do this.

If you have your courier's contact number, you can call your courier directly or arrange a return online by signing in to your account and selecting the Arrange a Return link from the My Account page. Alternatively, you can call us on our Enquiry Line.

If you are returning goods from abroad then they can only be returned at your cost. Please contact us before returning any items from outside of the UK.

Getting a refund

Depending upon your payment method, refunds will either be credited back to your credit card, credited to your personal account or sent to you by cheque. Please see our Returns policy for further information.

How your credit account works

The most popular home shopping payment method is with a Personal Account. Every 28 days we send you a statement by post.

Your statement shows:

1. What's been sent to you

2. What you've paid

3. The balance still to be paid

4. The minimum payment required

You can then make a payment into your account by a variety of methods (see our payment options page for full details), the easiest of which is via this website. We regret that J D Williams cannot accept direct transfers from your bank account to ours (via online banking or otherwise). Purchased items are only charged to your account when they are despatched (so your balance will not include them until this time). However, the value of these items will be deducted from your available credit as soon as you have ordered them, to ensure that you do not exceed your credit limit.

See terms & conditions »

Making payments into your account

To use this website to make a payment into your account, go to 'Your Account'and select 'Account Balance and Payment'. Your balance will be displayed and you will be asked to select whether you are using a credit or debit card. Please enter all the required details carefully - you will be asked to confirm the amount that you have entered to ensure that you have not made a mistake. The card details and amount that you enter will then be sent via a secure link to your card provider who will authorise the transaction. A confirmation screen will be displayed. If there has been any delay in the response from your card provider, the confirmation screen will explain that we will keep trying to contact them and will update your balance once the payment has been authorised (this can take up to 3 days).

Please be assured that it is completely safe to pay over the internet with your credit or debit card, and J D Williams guarantees that.

Changing your account details

You can change your contact details and password easily online. Simply go to 'Your Account' and select the section, which holds the details you want to change. Once you have entered the new details and submitted them, the changes will take effect immediately.

For security reasons, you can only change your registered address, or send orders to an alternative address, after you have placed at least one order.

Viewing your account history

To see all orders, payments and returns listed on your account, go to 'Your Account' and click on the 'Account Transactions' link. This page will display the last 6 months of transactions made on your account. Please note that this page may not exactly match your statement. It may include transactions made after your last statement was sent, exclude unusual transactions such as ad hoc adjustments, and does not show the transactions in a way which gives a 'running balance'.

Requesting a catalogue

If you register a new account but do not place an order in the same visit to the website, we will automatically send you a catalogue. We may also send you the new catalogue as it comes out each season (twice a year). If you would like a catalogue and have not received one, please click on the 'Catalogue Request' link at the top of any page. You will need to sign in or register an account in order to receive a catalogue, and you will be directed to do this from the Request a catalogue page if you are not already signed in.

If you would like to receive information about our new ranges and special offers without setting up an account, why not join our emailing list, by clicking on 'Email Me' at the top of any page. We will send you occasional emails with items we think may interest you, and you can unsubscribe from this list at any time.

Help on Sizing

For guidance on sizes please see our sizing help.

Convenient Delivery


Happy to wait? Great for when you're happy for your items to arrive within 3-5 days


Want to know when your parcel will arrive? State your desired delivery day and get your items delivered to an address of your choice.*


We are able to offer Next Day and Nominated Delivery on a Sunday on orders placed up to 12pm on Saturday in certain areas, depending on the items you are ordering and your selected delivery location. You can choose a preferred time slot either morning (up to 1pm) or afternoon.*


Have your parcel delivered to one of 3000 Evri ParcelShops in the UK, they're open typically 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week, so you can visit when convenient to you. You'll be notified of your parcel's arrival by a text message and email. You'll also receive a unique PIN code to confirm your identity. Please bring this PIN with some photographic ID (such as a passport or driving licience) when you call to collect your parcel. An easy, convenient service that's safe and secure! They also process returns.*

Find your nearest Evri ParcelShop >


In a hurry? Order before 8pm and get your items delivered the next day to an address of your choice*.


Sometimes, our larger, more expensive items may incur an extra delivery charge. These items will be clearly marked with the supplementary delivery charge. This supplementary charge is to help us cover the cost of us having to get more handy men to deliver your parcel to you. We try to keep the cost as low as possible.

*If this option is available to you we'll let you know during checkout. Delivery times are based on the assumption that the items are in stock. Whilst we make every effort to deliver goods on the day we specify we cannot guarantee delivery on that day or accept any liability for out of pocket expenses, costs, losses or any other expenses due to failed delivery. This option is only available if you live in an area covered by our courier. The order cut off time is calculated for you when you enter the checkout. Click and collect charges to store and via ParcelShop is subject to status and excludes certain products such as large items. If this delivery option is available to you it will be shown at checkout. Standard charge is £3.99 or free when you spend £30.

Easy Returns

If for any reason you would like to send back something you have bought from us, you can use the following returns methods;.


1. Arrange a collection via our website
2. Telephone our Enquiry Line and select option 1 and follow the simple steps.
3. Call the courier directly if their number was left with your parcel


Tape the the Royal Mail returns label securely on your parcel and return to your nearest Post Office.


Evri ParcelShops are open early morning to late at night, 7 days a week. Take your securely sealed parcel complete with returns address clearly displayed and drop off at your nearest Evri ParcelShop.

Find your nearest Evri ParcelShop >

(3 for 2, Buy one get one free etc)

If you need to return any of the items bought through special promotions (e.g 3 for 2, buy 1 get 1 free etc) you must include all the items bought within that deal.
See our terms and conditions for more details.


However you return your item, please remember to obtain and keep a receipt. You will need to quote the unique reference code on your receipt if you have a query about your return. Please keep your receipt until you have received a credit for your return.

Safe & Secure Shopping

We want you to have complete peace of mind when you shop with us. As an accredited retailer we can guarantee that your financial information is always protected.

If you're a personal account customer, you can simply log in using your account number or email address, without providing any personal details at all.

Rest assured we take security very seriously, so when completing a transaction online with us, you're in good hands.

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